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Bouncyband LLC

Flick Sticks

Flick Sticks

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Calming, silent and satisfying sensory fidget toy reduces stress and anxiety and increases focus in school & home Increase

Focus: Tapping, twirling, and running fingers on the soft, flexible, and colorful rubbery fibers allows movement while working providing an outlet for excess energy and relieving tension

A Great Gift: 5 colors (2 of each) - 2x1" Flick Sticks are the perfect present for any fidgeter. Use for teacher and parent prizes, party favors and stocking stuffers

Quiet: Silent fidget tools keep hands busy, and minds focused providing a tactile outlet for restlessness for all ages

Modifies Fidgety Behavior: Redirects fidgety fingers away from pulling hair and biting nails.

Supports kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder or autism

Attaches to Screens and Laptop Keyboards: The suction cup enables the Flick Stick to stay in place and not get lost Safety Tested & Latex Free

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We are two moms whose lives have been impacted by mental illness. It is not discriminatory and we feel everyone should know it is OK not to be OK. There is comfort in conversation and hope in helpful resources.