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Tangle, Inc.

Tangle® Jr. Classic Sensory Learning Toy

Tangle® Jr. Classic Sensory Learning Toy

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Colorful and highly tactile. the Tangle Jr. is so much fun to twist and turn - it's hard to put it down! Hands down, Tangles are the ultimate creativity tool for kids and adults alike.

For over 42 years and 250+ million units sold worldwide, you can find Tangles everywhere.

► FIDGET TO FOCUS: Tangle fidget toys are specially designed to enhance learning and spark creativity! Studies show that movement is critical for cognitive growth. Fidgeting with Tangles allows you to utilize both sides of the brain - activating both hemispheres synchronously to enhance focus and improve retention of information.

► THE UNIVERSAL PLAYTHING: Tangle fidget toys are the perfect way to express your creativity. Collect and connect them to create a Tangle that's uniquely you! There are countless benefits to fidgeting with Tangles including increased flexibility and range of motion for hands and wrists as well as soothing nervous energy and anxiety when used regularly.

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