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Semicolon Bracelet

Semicolon Bracelet

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A semicolon symbolizes that an author's sentence isn't over yet, and neither is their life.

May this Doodle bracelet speak volumes from your wrist.

Spark a conversation about Mental Health.  We all need to talk about it to end the stigma.

This bracelet provides one week of clean water via our giving partner, Water for Good.

* Artisan made by women in the Dominican Republic

* Clay piece with elastic cord

* Image permanently fired into clay

* Waterproof - wear it 24/7

* Adjustable from 5" to 8" - one size fits most

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We are two moms whose lives have been impacted by mental illness. It is not discriminatory and we feel everyone should know it is OK not to be OK. There is comfort in conversation and hope in helpful resources.