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Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Devotions and Prayers for a Resilient Heart

Devotions and Prayers for a Resilient Heart

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Are you. . . ​Strong? Flexible? Tough? Capable?

Each of the devotions and prayers in this inspiring book will remind you of all the reasons it's possible (and important!) to be a strong and capable woman of God.

With the Strength-Giver Himself by your side, you can live each day as it comes--ready for the unexpected. With each turn of the page, you'll pave a path to resilient living!

Topics include: Relationships God's Plans Resourcefulness Laughter Opportunities Rest Expectations Security God's Promises And more!

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We are two moms whose lives have been impacted by mental illness. It is not discriminatory and we feel everyone should know it is OK not to be OK. There is comfort in conversation and hope in helpful resources.