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Blank Slate Necklace

Blank Slate Necklace

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This versatile necklace features a shining dog tag pendant hanging from an adjustable gold over brass chain with tiny beads set at regular intervals. This necklace is the perfect reminder of your own resilience; that every new beginning is something to be celebrated and embraced, that you are more than capable. This piece is perfect as a gift for yourself or for someone who needs the gentle reminder.

The Blank Slate Dog tag Necklace is presented on a card with the following description, "Life is messy - it can be complicated and chaotic. Things don't always go the way you planned, broken things don't always get fixed, and people who leave don't always come back. Bumps in the road are unavoidable - unexpected things are going to happen, but you must never stop believing in new beginnings. It is never too late to start over. To rid old habits. To rid old loves. To rid old memories. Let go of everything that is too heavy to carry forward and start fresh. Do not be afraid to wipe the slate clean. Starting over does not mean starting from square one - it simply means letting go of what wasn't really right for you in the first place. This is the beginning of something new, something great, something magical. This is the beginning of everything you ever wanted.

Chain Measures: Length: 16" Adjustable, 2" Built-In Extender
Pendant Measures: .5"x .3" including bail
Materials: 14K Gold (Nickel Free) and Metal
Handmade in USA

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