The story of B.....

The story of B.....

Forty-six years ago, on Dec 19, 1976 there was baby girl born, named Brigitte Elaine Anderson.  Brigitte’s life was cut short at the age of 20, when she was driving back to school at the University of South Dakota, and was in a tragic car accident that took her life.

Known as Brigitte to most, but for those closest to her, she was simply “B”.  She received that nickname as her little brother couldn’t say her name, and "B" was all he could say. 

“B” had a way with others. She was charming, outgoing, , beautiful, loving and most. I say most, because I didn't quite feel ALL those attributes of her at the time, as I was her younger sister. She was 4 years older than me, and as teenage sisters often don't get along, we were no exception to the rule.  Being in high school at the same time (I was a Freshman when she was a Senior), people were always comparing us to each other-discussing who was prettier, smarter, nicer, more outgoing, etc.  She come into my room to steal my clothes (and anything else that she felt she needed), and would often take them back to college with her, always letting me discover that they were missing...on my own.

Since that fatal day, Oct 31, 1997, when I see a bumble bee I think of her.  I often wonder where she would be if she was still living, and if we would have eventually become friends, instead of sister-enemies.  I feel in my heart. that she would have ended up in Sioux Falls, would be a nurse, and would have an amazing family.  Apparently we had more in common than what I originally could see.

When we were brainstorming ideas for a business name, we wanted it to be meaningful to both of us, the founders of the non-profit.

Then, out of the blue.....

Michelle mentioned that she wanted to somehow incorporate a bee into our "theme" of our non-profit, as she always likes the sayings "bee kind, bee honest, bee sweet...." The sayings go on and on.

In looking further into the importance of a bee we discovered they are considered to be symbolic & amazing little flying creatures. Yes, they are known for buzzing about, and giving some pretty painful stings, but as with everything, there is more than one way to look at them.

Bees carry very important roles. They are tiny but mighty.

They can teach us so much about the sweetness of life and helping others.

They are authentic, and always working hard to help others.  

Bees urge us to look within, as that is what they do to find what they need.

They have efficient communication and interaction with their communities. 

Did you know that when you see a bumble bee, it is considered to be a sign that you need some joy and happiness? So if you're feeling down, take some time to watch a bee buzzing around happily, and it is sure to put a smile on your face.

Bee kind--bee inspired--just bee.

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I think your sister would approve of everything you and Michelle have accomplished thus far and likely would have some “sisterly”advice to offer!!!!

Sara Harris

I love your story and thoughts of Brigitte. I still remember her saying “ hi Uncle David” when she walked in. Proud of how you’re honoring your dad and even her with your non-profit’s name. Love lives on, Chantelle❤️

Connie Ladwig

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