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We are two moms whose lives have been greatly impacted by mental illness.

We have been affected by anxiety, stunned by suicide, duped by eating disorders, saddened by self harm, devastated by depression.....affecting so many of our  friends, family, neighbors etc.

Mental illness is not discriminatory. It can touch anyone at anytime. It is an all consuming and lonely place for those directly affected by the illness, and for those caught in the wake of its impact. 

We feel everyone should know it is OK not to be OK. We want people to find comfort in conversation and hope in helpful resources.

It is our goal to have a site that is uplifting to visit, offering items that are positive and uplifting.

Please don't be afraid to talk about mental health. The more we talk about it the more likely people are to understand that they are NOT alone; and this discussion, will give them the courage to seek the help that the need.

Bee Strong Bee Kind, Bee Happy, Bee INSPIRED....just BEE!

Don't be afraid to talk about mental health

There is comfort in conversation and hope in helpful resources. Please don't be afraid to talk about mental health. The more we normalize it, the more likely people are to get help when they need it. THANK YOU for your support!!

  • Rush's Rainbows

    Provides free digital drawings and mini care packages for bereaved families after the loss of their child.

    Visit Rush's Rainbows 
  • Call to Freedom

    Bringing wholeness to all individuals impacted by human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation by navigating a healing path through our continuum of care model.

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  • The 437 Project

    Group of 12 leaders, running 437 miles across South Dakota, to promote Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention.

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  • Helpline Center

    Call for TXT 988 to chat with compassionate, accessible care and support for anyone experiencing mental health-related distress, suicide crisis, or substance use.

    Visit Helpline Center 
  • I'm Glad You Stayed Project

    Striving to educate the public, especially teenagers, on real-time suicide prevention actions and resources to save the lives of those struggling with mental health and suicidal ideation.

    Visit I'm Glad You Stayed Project 
  • Lost & Found

    Building resilience, one life at a time. We deliver mental health programs, advocate for mental health policy change, and provide peer support.

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  • We Can Movement

    Connect with a community that stands for strength in numbers. Mental health matters. So do you.We are better together.

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  • The Teddy Bear Den

    Inspires economically disadvantaged pregnant women in the Sioux Falls Community to seek early and regular prenatal care.

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  • The Lourdes Center

    A Catholic Approach to Human Flourishing · Counseling · Grief and Loss · Programs · Education and Presentations ·

    Visit The Lourdes Center 
  • The Foster Network

    Empower and support families who care for children placed through a licensing agency.

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  • How Can LI365 Support You?

    If you would like to partner with LI365, please reach out! Together, we CAN make a difference!

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  • Mad Mountain Adventure

    Offering premier Snowmobile rentals in the Black Hills. Call today to book your adventure (605) 578-1878.

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  • Twisted Pines Design Co.

    Locally owned and operated embroidery screen printing and laser engraving outfit. Located in beautiful Deadwood, SD.

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  • Dobesh Chiropractic

    Dr. Kelsey treats human movement and individuals, not injuries. Regardless of age, all humans are designed to move their bodies without pain and dysfunction.

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  • MK Counseling

    We are here to help treat the unique need of each individual. We provide counseling, DBT, chemical dependency services and more. We also offer both in-person and telehealth sessions!

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  • Ritzman Counseling Services

    Ritzman Counseling is here to help you talk through any experience that may be causing stress or discomfort. Specializing in sexual assault and domestic abuse victims/ survivors, adjustment disorders, attachment issues, depression and personality disorders is just the beginning of the many advantages at Ritzman Counseling Services.

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  • Barre 3

    Barre3 is an efficient and effective workout combining strength, cardio, and mindfulness that will leave you feeling balanced in body and empowered from within.

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  • BritZa Performing Arts Studio

    BritZa Performing Arts Studio aspires to inspire, equip, and encourage students of all ages that "you can do hard things" — no matter who you are.

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  • Electric Pulp

    Electric Pulp is a digital agency focusing on Responsive Web Design, Web Development and Mobile eCommerce. We create beautiful things for web and mobile.

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  • Lloyd Companies

    Real Estate Company offering Development, Real Estate, Construction, Property Management, Hospitality and Apartments.

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