An Inspiring Person You Should Know.....Feb 2023

An Inspiring Person You Should Know.....Feb 2023

Do you ever go to somewhere merely for the fact that you know you will get AMAZING customer service, and leave feeling lighter, and just so dang happy?

Well, that place for me is Cappuccino Cabin on East 10th Street in Sioux Falls . This small little log cabin, in the middle of an empty parking lot may not look like much for some, but for myself, and many others, I know it is a place of happiness, encouragement, and a great cup of coffee! 

We first started going there 17 years ago, as we were new to town, had little kids in tow, and drove by often while out running errands. I'm not sure what first made me stop there, but I continue to go there, even though it is COMPLETELY out of my way.  I have even been known to drive there, for the sole reason of getting out of a "dark place", because I know I will feel better about everything in life by the time I leave.

The menu is simple.  There is a Large Coffee selection, AMAZING protein fruit smoothies and a few things to eat (muffins, soup, etc.)  The menu is small, but the man that owns it, and is the sole operator of the cabin, has a very large personality!

Jay, or ("coffee boy"as my kids refer to him) often greets with a "Hello Boss Lady", followed by a "Dad joke", some brief chatter about our families (our kids are the same ages), life in general, and then eventually onto a coffee order.  He has more energy, compassion and advice than your favorite counselor.  He isn't afraid to comment on a "good hair day", or simply ask if "everything is ok", when he knows it's not.

After losing my Dad to suicide, there were few people that I could talk openly about my grief with, but he was one of them.  I would leave there feeling cared about, supported, and often told that he would pray me us.  

And, he has an unbelievable memory.  He often asks about my mom (he's never met her) and asks about my daughter in college, and "the rest of the family".  He always knows my order, it's quite simple but delicious (coffee with a little cream (he even steams/warms the cream), and a raspberry protein smoothie-no whip).

When we started our non profit I knew he would be the best person to help us spread the word about what we are doing.  So, for the month of February, he has our signs in his windows, and will be passing out our business cards and stickers to his customers.  I gave him a stack of stickers and asked him to pass them out to customers that are struggling, or just need to feel a little love. And, I know he will do just that, in a very meaningful way.

So, if you are feeling down, isolated, need to get out of the house for a little drive, or just need a pick me up and a great cup of coffee, drive on over to East 10th Street (Pizza Ranch parking lot), where you will find a simple little log cabin with drive through only service.  When you leave you will leave energized, supported and happier.  I promise.  So support this "coffee boy" and you will be doubly supported in return.

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Jay has been my go to coffee spot! I would stop when Alex was in hospital then hospice and get his favorite drinks! He brought his family up to meet Alex! He is always genuine caring!

Kathy Clinton

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