An Inspiring Person You Should Know.....

An Inspiring Person You Should Know.....

Here at "Live Inspired 365" we have been introduced to many inspiring people!  We have decided to highlight these amazing people and share how they have inspired us, and hope they will inspire you too.

So, our first Inspiring Person You Should Know is:

Bergen Reilly.

Bergen recently graduated a semester early from high school to start her college career early with University of Nebraska as a volleyball player.

We have had the pleasure of knowing Bergen since she was a young girl.  She has always been a sweet, smart and humble girl.  From a young age, people could see she had a special talent in the world of volleyball.  She started playing on the varsity high school team, as an 8th grader; which is no easy feat on the competitive teams in Sioux Falls.

Before she even graduated high school, she has played on Team USA in world tournaments, and helped the team bring home titles.  In one of the tournaments, she was even called up the night before, as another teammate fell ill, so Bergen was called into play with the team.

As you can see, Bergen is an amazing star athlete.  Many athletes of this caliber don't portray the same wonderful asset that she does.  Through all her medals, special honors and awards, she has remained very humble, and kind.  She is a very caring person, and would be the first to give mention to her teammates, even though she may have been the star of the game.

Outside of the gym, she is a sweet, funny, quiet and intelligent girl.  On the volleyball court, she remains the same, but she is an amazing athlete with some killer skills.  Anyone that has watched Bergen play or been on the receiving end of one of her hits knows how much talent and strength that she has.

A few weeks ago, Bergen contacted us, offering to come help us with some projects at Live Inspired 365.  We love interacting with the youth, and sparking conversations about mental health.  You never know what small lessons they may learn, that can help them or others in the future.  

When she originally contacted us, she said she needed an "hour or so" of community service for her school requirement in theology class.  Well, she came and volunteered a few hours of her time, when she could have been hanging out with her friends, or studying for her semester tests.  When it was time for Bergen to leave, I asked for her "Christian Service Form", as they need them signed to get credit for their time.  She then told me, "I actually didn't need the hours.  I just wanted to help."

Out of all the possible things she could have been doing on this day, she chose to take time to volunteer, to help others.

While we sat and worked on a few volunteer projects together, I started asking her about her plans for Christmas break.  From what she told me about starting college in late Jan, she would have some time off.  I then asked her if she had any big plans for her break, to which she replied, "Oh I have volleyball workouts planned, but that's about it."

Fast forward to today, when I am sitting scrolling through my tv channels, only to find her playing on ESPN at the "Under Armor Next All-American Game" with the other amazing volleyball athletes in our nation.  She is currently the TOP ranked volleyball setter in the nation.  Yet, you would never know it just by talking with her.

Bergen inspires us with her kindness, generosity, and caring personality.  She takes the time to help others, when she could easily say she doesn't have any time to give.  She doesn't boast about her great accomplishments.  While she may be considered the top volleyball setter in the nation, we will always see her as an inspiring girl, with a big heart to help others.

I asked one of her former teammates if she wanted to say a few words about Bergen, as an athlete and a person, and this is what she had to say:

"Bergen was a teammate I will never forget. I will never forget all of her abilities, but most of all I will never forget her as a person. She is a teammate who took time to develop real relationships with her fellow teammates. Success to her didn't necessarily mean winning, rather it meant getting to know her teammates, and enjoying every minute she had with them on the court. Bergen was someone who lead by example. She truly demonstrated that 'actions speak louder than words'; during practices and games she was always giving 100 percent effort. She is so positive on the court, and  full of energy and enthusiasm regardless of the games score. Bergen had a "team-first" attitude and was able to fill any role she was asked. Bergen is more than a teammate; she is a beautiful, loving, kind, driven, genuine person, which transfers over to her character on the court."


"Bergen is a very down to earth, humble, and compassionate individual despite all of her success! She always shows up for her teammates and friends on and off the court. On tough practice days she would hold both herself and the team accountable and that just goes to show her amazing leadership skills! Every memory I have with Bergen is nothing but positive!"


As you can see, we think Bergen is pretty amazing.  She inspires everyone around her.

Be like Bergen.

Bee amazing-bee humble-bee kind-just bee.

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I saw this picture of Bergen on her mom’s Facebook page and was immediately drawn to the message on the hoodie she’s wearing. That was the beginning of my journey into the world of LI365. I purchased a crewneck, a t-shirt and some jewelry and am thrilled with every piece. I collaborated with Chantelle to design a sticker inspired by memories of my brother-in-law, whom we lost four years ago. Our conversations were therapeutic. It felt good to talk about him and honor him in this way. Through our conversations and as I did more research on the site, I found out about the school sticker set-up program. As a teacher, I am so very grateful to have the resources from that kit available to our students. Mental health education must start early. The need is there. Live Inspired 365 makes a difference. Thank you for what you do.


I Love & Admire Bergen; I purchased sweatshirts for my Granddaughter, Daughter & I also purchased your “You Are Loved” stickers for the many Christmas Stockings I filled this year. Be Like Bergen=LOVE IT! #blb 😍


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